MTOM with SOAP pub web service

We are using Mendix version 9.12.1. We have created a published webservice that intends to receive messages from an external system with attachments. Integration wants to send this attachment as MTOM. In the Request-element, we have incorporated the folowing XML-code:             <Request>                 <Bericht>                     <Data>                         <xop:Include href="" xmlns:xop=""/>                    </Data>                 </Bericht>             </Request>   When testing this with SOAP UI, we enter into an error message "Exception occurred while processing webservice request”. However, the XML-message does work with Basecode64-compression (with the attribute Data in Bericht as an unlimited string). Therefore we would like to know if anyany knows if Mendix supports MTOM for a published web service and how to configure this.
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