SAML implementation for Azure SSO

I’m fairly new to Mendix and also SAML, I’m trying to implement SAML SSO authentication from our Azure AD to my sample app in Mendix. I have setup a client app in our Azure and I have client Id, client secret, Return url etc. Now I have no idea how to start about. can someone share a step by step guide for implementing saml for azure ad sso. plz guide me, this is the decision point for me to go with Mendix or not
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Hi Kahleelur,


With SAML you do not need the client id & secret, that is for OAuth2. For Client ID & Secret you can use this module:

You can add this marketplace module ( ) to your app. Also install the different dependent modules if you do not have them yet. Follow the documentation of the module to get it to work.

If you want to use SAML with Azure AD you can setup an Enterprise Application with Single Sign On with SAML. That will provide you a Federation Metadata XML that you can use in the configuration of this module ( ). Also here download the dependent modules and follow the documentation.


EDIT: please also check this link: 


Hi Khaleelur,


the market place has a SAML module that you can use. It lets you setup the configuration with a setup wizard.


Here is the link:




Take a look at the below medium link for Azure AD SSO using OIDC

Hope it helps!!!