DocuSign Connector

Hi, I am attempting to complete the DocuSign Connector Configuration. I have attempted to follow the given documentation with little success. I have created the sandbox environment and obtained the information required (i.e. Integration Key, SecretID, user ID etc.). I entered these values into the default values of the corresponding attributes in the connector domain model. Past this point I am unsure of how to complete the authentication. When I am in the Snip I can’t select any of the buttons that would perform the authentication and It doesn’t work when I am running the app either. I was wondering if anyone has advice for how to continue or a more in depth tutorial for configuration and use? 
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Hi Ashley,


I do have an other Docusign Wizard which directly allows you to config the app via a wizard.

And directly send your first document.

This is a good way to start with Docusign.


Plz send me an email to share the module with you.