How to consume REST API POST, PUT and DELETE methods.

Hi all, I am new to the Mendix platform, I have two apps : for Expose data where I have exposed data with 4 method (GET, PUT, DELETE AND POST). to consume data (in this app I have successfully consumed the GET method)  In the second app, I want to implement other 3 methods as well(i.e. POST, PUT and DELETE) but I don't have an idea how to do this, I search it over the internet, Mendix courses, and forums but was unable to find required information for how to implement these methods. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Rahul, 

In a microflow, you can call the ‘Call REST service’ activity in which you can select which method you want to perform on the endpoint:


So change the default GET method to Delete / POST / what you want. Remember that for a PUT and a POST, contrary to GET and DELETE a body is needed that is sent with the request.


Hello Rahul,


Please check out an academy learning path video 

This tutorial will help you to create REST services in the Mendix project. 


Refer to the below link about how to consume the REST services in the Mendix project


Hope this helps!


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