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Hi, I need to know how to auto login to a Mendix application, which is embedded in an Angular application using Iframe? Consider the below scenario: App A is developed using Angular which already has a Login functionality App B is developed using Mendix which is embedded inside Angular Application using Iframe How can I auto login in to App B, if the user already logged in App A? Note: If this can’t be achieved when Mendix embedded in Iframe. Kindly suggest any other approach.   Let me know your thoughts on this.   Thank You.
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hii Aswanth Balagurusamy, 

for both apps your database is same means your user table is same ,  now you can make a attribute (example is_login) so when someone logged in App A then you can change value of is_login attribute/column to true in Table and on logout make it again false 

so in App B check if user is_login true means it is logged in  in App A so in App B you can set users session programatically and redirect to dashboard else redirect to login page.


hope this will help you.

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Sanjay Kushwah