Stripe Integration

Hello Makers, I have a question on integrating stripe with mendix. After completing the payment we give the redirect URL for success and cancel. My test payment was completed and it’s success. Redirecting to success page I want to validate in mendix that the payment is succeeded or not. I don’t see any parameter append with my redirect URL. Any help is appreciated..
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In the dashboard:

  • go to Payments
  • leftmenu Payment links
  • right of any of your links click on the button “… “ and select Edit
  • Select Confirmation page

And now, in Mendix you do not need to validate if the payment was successful. Rather, landing on this page means that the payment was successful. You can also include the confirmation-session-id as parameter to that link. See for more info on this: Have not yet gotten around myself to working that out, but it looks like it has everything you might need.