XSUAA - Jetty - /xsauaacallback/ - org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException: 500: Response header too large

In An SAP BTP Environment XSUAA is Activated, Login is Successful according to the Logs, however when the final answer is Returned by Jetty Something is Happening and the Server Returns a 500 Error Code (Server Error) According to the Logs, XSUAA is fine, we don’t have a sneak peek into what happens afterwards Initializing session for user USERNAME  <END>","level":"INFO","written_ts":422998173344336,"logger":"XSUAA_SSO","written_at":"2022-08-02T12:38:15.366Z" Redirecting user to application home after authentication ... ","level":"DEBUG","written_ts":422998173429498,"logger":"XSUAA_SSO","written_at":"2022-08-02T12:38:15.366Z" Redirecting user to: /","level":"INFO","written_ts":422998173466954,"logger":"XSUAA_SSO","written_at":"2022-08-02T12:38:15.366Z" 022-08-02T12:38:15.373+0000 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT {"msg":"handleException {} {} - /xsauaacallback/ - org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException: 500: Response header too large","level":"WARNING","written_ts":422998180262254,"logger":"Jetty","written_at":"2022-08-02T12:38:15.373Z" This is the Last Message (Just a Warning) omitted to the logs, the Client only sees HTTP Error 500. Any way to find out why this happens?
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