Authenticate with Azure Active Directory in a Tablet web offline navigation profile

Hi everyone, I'm trying to allow users to be able to log into the application using Azure Active Directory. Using the OIDC module, I was able to authenticate users in the responsive navigation profile, however, in the Tablet web offline profile, after authenticating to Microsoft, the user returns to the login page. Checking the active sessions, i saw that a new session with the correct user was created but, the user it's still unable to access the home page (for an authenticated user).   I thought that it could be a issue with the url called after the authentication, so i tried first adding a url to the tablet homepage and then modifying, in the webCallback Microflow, the ‘Location’ header in the http response (which was originally {application url}/index.html) to {application url}/p/{home-tablet}, but i obtained the same result. Has anyone else, using OIDC, had a problem authenticating in profiles other than responsive? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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