Export & Import Mapping for Self Associations

Hi All , Good Morning.   I am working on a requirement to create an export and import mapping based on a message definition. The main object has a self association. The problem is: When I drag and drop the associated object, the mapping is not able to find the association. I can not select it. The only option that seems to work is using a microflow (that is only doing a retrieve by association).but using that microflow we can able to pass single object not able to pass list. while import mapping It seems the self association sets in the wrong way.   Anyone have any idea on this please guide me, thanks in advance.
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hii  Dinesh Mangali,

Do not use create new object but use a microflow to retrieve the object. Pass the parent as parameter. This way you can set the self reference yourself. It would have been easier if they just supplied the parent ID also in the entity. Because then you can build the hierarchy yourself.

that this only work with persistent objects and not with non-persistent.