Docker Mendix Build Pack Azure

Docker version 20.10.12 Mendix version 9.16.1 Mendix Build Pack 3.5.2   I think this is the conventional Build process, however I am using Azure containers. In Docker the image is created. I can push the although I do not get that splash page during build process although my log shows a complete build and when I reference the image for my container I don’t get my landing page…   1- Open Mendix application and select the App option and open in file explorer   2- Make a copy after building and testing a place in a repository directory to push svn   3- Navigate to the builder pack and pull the latest ZIP   4-   5- Unzip file into a local a repository   6- Go back to file explorer and copy the project into the unziped file    7- Open the file directory an svn   8- Push the entire directory   9- Open Build Unix Server   10- sudo git clone   11- Copy the application along with all associated files to a directory off of home (/home/__/App) to aquire the relative path   12- Open terminal where docker file is located   13- sudo docker build --build-arg BUILD_PATH="/home/__/App/App" -t mdx_build_bldpck_compile .   14- sudo docker images – to confirm   15- Log into Azure Cloud   16- Select Create a Resource   17- Type Container registry and select     18- Select create   19-Apply a resouce group according to build   20- Apply an approriate registry name   21- Go to back to home page and select the correlated Registry   22- On the left hand side slect the menu Acess Keys   23- Enable Admin   24- Copy the login server address   25- Go back to terminal   26- sudo docker login   27- For username use the admin username and generated password   28- Apply a tag for the newly created build with reference to registry and application Example: sudo docker tag 506c57686493   29- Push to the Registry repository Example: sudo docker push   30- Evaluate a sucessful build by navigating in Azure Home-> Container Registry-> Respository ->   This is where I have a problem...when I create a container instance and reference the image nothing comes up on browser      
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