Export scheme type is Unknown

Hi Guys,   I am trying to export a JSON string in mendix. Our JSON snippit looks like this:  {     "data": {         "customer_id": "123xx",         "tag_ids": [             "inkoop",             "glas"         ],         "bessy_taskid": "123456xx",         "wujw_campaign_id": "Hoorn123",         "executor_id": "blablabla",         "comments": ""     } }     Here you can see the error witch is produced.  I have tryed “Resolve by update” but that doesn’t work and when i click select elements and hightlight the elements and save nothing happends. What am i doing wrong here?   cheers
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Hey Jasper i think what needs to be done is like this :

1.create a json structure with ur example json.

2.create a Export mapping and map automatically

3.now use a microflow to generate these objects from the object you have 

and then use this export mapping.


In the second step u can select the entities you want and then do automatic mapping as well which will reduce the microflow effort if domain model is adopted properly.

let me know if you need more help


Hello Jasper,

Have you tried with map automatically? when you click on map automatically it will create NP entity in domain model.

Hope it helps!!