identify customer by incoming phone-number

Hi All,   I’m looking for a solution for this usecase:   At our company we are using Voip to handle incoming and outgoing calls. When a customer calls us to place an order I would like to use the customers phone-number to immediately identify a customer. When we identify the customer I want to create a new order where all the needed info of this customer is automatically filled based on this phone-number and the info we already have from this client. So I want somehow to integrate our Voip with a Mendix application.  Does any of you know if this would be possible to build in Mendix?  
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Hi Dennis,


I would look at, from an architectural point of view, this should work. Mendix is great in REST API handling.


A second option is to use a second telecom specialized Low-code platform. It supports all common Telco integrations and can export the function using REST for you to consume in Mendix.


The solution and its costs would justify looking more into the challenge you have. Maybe these directions are already sufficient, if not, please share more details of your usecease.


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