No Application user role informaion in the JWT token from Azure during OIDC SSO

Hello everyone, I am using the OIDC module for SSO and that is working fine. On the Azure side I have created 2 user roles on the application side, Seller and buyer. During SSO I get the authentication Token (JWT) with information of the user but there I am missing the user role information which I need after sign in to land on the role base homepage on my MX App. Can anyone tell me how can I get the user role information sent in this token? Thanks
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Hi Manish, 

On the JWT you will get the application user role in the form of list, so to make of the user info from JWT there will be decode& verify java action used in user provisioning microflow.You need to customize the microflow according to your usecase. You can refer to OIDC document for your reference.