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Hello All,   I am facing issue with Rest API for Create order Post Method as I am not understand exact how to do this.   I have JSON Structure for POST Create Order, I did import mapping to get Mendix object. Entities I need to kept as Non-Persistant. So now I need to create form on which we can enter create order attributes  value and send this create order form data to store in 3rd application by using REST API, means we does not store any create order data in Mendix database. Can anyone please help me on this scenario as I am working first time on REST API.  Please give me clear idea that how we can achieve this.   Many Thanks, Vicky    
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Here are the steps:

since u already have the JSON structure use it to create export mapping.

In the export mapping u can simply do map auto matically and it will create all the entities u need.

Now the a page u can create a data view for the generated entity[top level and populate these attributes and then on click of submit or save U can send this object to microflow

there use a export mapping activity to create the body of rest call and then use a rest call activity to send over this string to 3rd party.


Hello Vicky,


Follow the following steps:

- Create JSON structure object with your sample JSON to post.

- This will create your NPE for the Order attributes / data.

- Create your export mapping based on this JSON structure.

- Create a microflow that you will use to execute the Call Rest POST action, the NPE will be the input

- In the Call REST POST action you configure the URL to your end-point to post location and for the request you choose “Export mapping for the entire request” and choose the created export mapping filled with the input parameter of the microflow.

- For the Response you can use an import mapping which you have to create based on the expected response the API call is giving.

- You can create the import mapping for the response in the same way as you did to create the export mapping for the request.


- Now on a page you will fill in the NPE’s attributes and call this microflow to execute the REST call.



Below I have added Mircoflow and it’s configuration 


I did same configuration, But once I Locally run app and add values to atrributes and try to save the is an error. Please refer above Screenshot.. 
Please let me if I missed anything..