How to create Mendix objects from Json Structure without calling REST Service?

I am trying to create objects from the JSON Schema but getting some error in creating the objects. {     "Level": "SystemEngineersArray",     "SystemEngineersArray": [         "Software Engineer",         "Sr. Software Engineer",         "Implementaton Engineer.",         "Sr. Implementation  Engineer."     ] }
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Hi Priyesh,


for above problem you can use the import from Json activity . but you mention there array of designations you  need to create object :

  1. copy the Json schema and create json structure in your module and paste it.


Create Import mapping and map json object attribute with mendix attribute.

  1. create a microflow by using below image.


Hope it helps!!


Hey Priyesh,

You can create domain model by creating an import mapping. and then use a microflow to create objects by import with mapping activity at the run time. 

Hope it helps!