Capture JSON header information with Published REST service

Hello,   I am trying to get message header in JSON format from an external system. I have set up the Published REST Service.   In the opeartion for the resource table in the Published REST Service page, I am trying to add a header parameter, it is asking for the Microflow parameter, but it is empty there.   Here is the microflow. Please kindly help as this is giving an error and I am not able to run the application.   Thank you in advance.   Warm regards, William Samadi
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You say ‘From’. This means you are CONSUMING (read: Using) the other rest service. If other people connect to you, you have to set up a PUBLISHING rest service.


So in the case of consuming another Rest service, you can simply create a microflow and add a ‘Rest call’ activity to the flow. Open the configuration of the activity and on the second tab (from the top of my mind), you can add header information by key/value-pair combinations.


In regard to your current error. You have to add a parameter (yellow triangle) to the microflow to have a parameter be passed on to the microflow logic. 


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Hey William,

What Sander said is correct,

That is, if you want to import external data from another system, you have to create a consumed REST service..


And for you current problem, your microflow is asking for a parameter ‘MessageID’, So in the microflow, add the parameter, set it to integer/decimal and name it MessageID, this way it will appear in your parameter field.


Hope it helps!



The image below if of the system, in which I want to post things from other app…



The image below if from the system, from where I need to post the information..



Just let me know.. if you have any confusion..