Is there a way to let Feedback form MxWidget land in Jira Atlassian?

We work with Jira for our project planning and story board, but out testers use the feedback widget in our Mx app.  That creates feedback in SprintR and we have to copy paste them in Jira. Is here a way to automate that? 
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I would think that you would be able to have Jira call the Feedback API. The Mendix Feedback API allows you to retrieve, add and manage feedback for your Mendix projects. I would think that you would be able to get the feedback items through the GetFeedbackItems API call. 

2.5 GetFeedbackItems

This call retrieves a list of all feedback items for the project which satisfy the IssueState filter.

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescriptionApiKeyStringThe ApiKey the application uses to access the Feedback API for this project.IssueStateFilterEnumeration IssueStateState of the Feedback items to be retrieved (Open, Under_review, Accepted, Scheduled, Solved, Rejected; empty returns all feedback for the project).ProjectIDStringThe ID of the project.

  • Return value – List of Issue

The documentation for the API can be found here


Hey Andrea,

I am not sure about integrating your current feedback widget with Jira, but, if need be,


You can always develop your own feedback widget and customise it to integrate with Jira.


hope it helps!