Index.html page in mendix

Hi, where can i find index.html page in mendix 9.17.0? 
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Hey Sonam,


There is not index.html in the mendix 9.x version in the mendix codebase which you can modify.

Can you pls tell, what you are trying to achieve, there are always ways to do something, if you can tell, I’ll help you achieve it.


What you can do is, you can copy the index.html from mendix 8.X and copy it to theme → web in your project directory of mendix 9.x it should work, in my case, it worked.

But it is not a supported by mendix, so for coming versions, it might stop working. 


I guess that you are trying to achieve automated redirection external authentication mechanism.

Hope it helps!


The answers by Dinesh and Rishabh are wrong. What you see in the deployment folder is the preprocessed file, but you need the template file that you can copy into theme/web/ and edit for your needs.


So the template file is here:

C:\Program Files\Mendix\9.*\modeler\runtemplates\deployment\*-web\

where the first star is your mendix version and the second star can be “dojo”, “modern”, or “react” depending on the Mendix version.



Hi Sonam, 
Go to ProjectDirectory-> Deployment->Web there you can find the Index.html page.


It is in the documentation at