Accessing web application page from mobile app

Hello Experts, We have developed a web application and mobile app as well, here we have a requirement where the user wants to access the web application page from mobile. 1. The user login via mobile by using his credentials in mobile app 2. User tries to access the web application page from mobile app 3. In order to access the web application page from mobile app the user again asked to login but this should not happen - need solution for this because the user already logged in. I have given anonymous access for the page, in this case it is not asking for a login but the session is being only created for anonymous user, but we dont want the session to be created for the anonymous user instead the session should create for the logged in user. I also found the system user who has logged in and created session for the logged in user using java action, but still the anonymous user session is alive and if I kill the session of anonymous user the mobile app cant be used any more untill refereshing something.
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Hi Arunkumar,

Create custom java action and pass user as input parameter to that java action and create the session,

ISession newSession = Core.initializeSession(Core.getUser(systemContext, user.getName()), "");

and then just make a cookie with that session.

Add page url to the web page and redirect it to that page from mobile.


Hope it helps!!!