System.user entity integration is not working for sign in purpose

Hi I am working on library management app. I have used Administration.Account entity for user sign in. whenever I create a new user  it is created in database .I can see the newly created user in Account_Overview page. But when I try to sign in with this  login credential it shows invalid credentials. And If I edit password of that user from Account_Overview page then I can able to login. I have generalised my student entity with Administration.Account entity. ( user = student)
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Hi Harshad,


From the story you're writing and the screenshots you shared, I can see that you used a generalization of the account entity to create your student entity. It is a best practice to have as few levels of inheritance as possible. In addition to that, it is more common to have an association between your student entity and the account entity. With that in mind, you can say that ‘a student is having an account’ instead of ‘a student is an account’.


By implementing the pattern above, you can use the Account entity more purely as well. To conclude this, I would like to suggest to take a look at the AccountPasswordData entity and the logic as it is available in the Administration module (NewAccount). You can use this pattern to assure a valid and clean password entry.


Hopefully this helps! If so, it would be great if you can mark this question as answered. If not, please let me know what you need.


when you try to login, check the console, there is probably an information log telling you why the user is unable to sign in. 

My guess if that you did not put the user to active(boolean attribute), or you put the user to blocked (boolean attribute). It may also be that you did not put the password correctly for that username 3 times in a row, in that case mendix is blocking the user for approximately 5 minutes


I found the solution 

Actually when I used to click on save  button for new user the password field automatically changes to some other value. That’s why when I edit password and re-login it works



Thank you all for your reply