How can we change the Data After Configuraton of email.

Hi All,   I need to change the data inside the Email( suppose if it is decimal we will get 8 presicion values, Bit in email it shows up to 2 decimals). only for email how we can change it. Our changes should be applicable for all users.
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Hi Sunitha ,

If set to Fixed, the decimal part always will be displayed with the number of places specified in the Decimal precision property. The value will be rounded to the nearest decimal if the length of the decimal part in the attribute value exceeds the number of decimal places.

If set to Auto, the whole decimal part of the attribute value will be displayed. No decimal part will be be displayed if the attribute value is an integer.

Default value: Fixed


You can also use a function to change it's precision

formatDecimal(1234.56, '#,###.#')

Hope it helps. Let me know if have more questions around this.


You can read this doc for more info on this,


You could try using a display pattern in the token settings for decimals

Otherwise you could configure a helper entity in the email setup microflow to formatDecimal($Value, ‘#,###.##’)

Read on here for more detail on formatting decimals
Parse and Format Decimal Functions