Getting Number In response instead of object

Hi Everyone, I Have created a microflow where I am calling an API and after API response I am storing this reponse into a import mapping where there is a key ‘roles” which contains ARRAY OF OBJECT  now when I set this reponse into the local storage I am getting number as value of ‘roles’. Ideally reponse : { "username": "vbadliwal", "userId": 1111, "base64EncodedAuthenticationKey": "dmJhZGxpd2FsOlZ5MGVmOTY2N2Yx", "authenticated": false, "officeId": 8, "roles": [ { "id": 12, "name": "Fund Super User", "description": "Lender's super user", "disabled": false } ], "permissions": [ ], "isSelfServiceUser": false, "shouldRenewPassword": false, "isTwoFactorAuthenticationRequired": false }   In local storage:   {     "guid": "26458647810804366",     "MyFirstModule.User_details_latest_investment": "",     "Base64EncodedAuthenticationKey": "dmJhZGxpd2FsOlJmMjJmOWRhYzQ4",     "LenderId": "0",     "LendingLimit": "",     "LenderIdDisplayName": "",     "UnutilizedLendingLimit": "",     "OfficeId": "8",     "MyFirstModule.Permissionscheck_User_details": "25895697857383054",     "Gstin": "",     "UserId": "2713",     "OfficeName": "StrideOne Fund",     "IsTwoFactorAuthenticationRequired": false,     "ShouldRenewPassword": false,     "IsSelfServiceUser": false,     "Authenticated": false,     "Username": "vbadliwal",     "MyFirstModule.WhitelistedLenderEmailscheck_User_details": "",     "MyFirstModule.Roless_User_details": "25614222880672398",     "FullName": "" }        
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What do you mean when you say: "In local storage". The system is usuakky not storing a json structure. It stores data in the database. How did you create the json structure out of it?


To me it looks like those numbers are representing the internal IDs of the associated objects. If so, everything seems to be fine.