How to create Call Microflow activity with parameters through Model SDK?

Hello Everyone, I have a microflow called MyFirstMicroflow which has Paramenter1 as string input, I would like to call this from another microflow called MySecondMicroflow. I'm able to do this without parameters, but I didn't find the call to pass parameters. Does anyone have any alternatives for this? Found the below call from reverse engineering tool, but this is deprecated. microflowCallParameterMapping.__parameter.updateWithRawValue("MyModule.MyFirstMicroflow.Paramenter1");   I'm expecting similar to Java action call APIs like below. let inputParameterValue = microflows.BasicCodeActionParameterValue.create(model); inputParameterValue.argument = CommonUtils.parseString("inputParameterValue"); let javaActionParameterMapping = microflows.JavaActionParameterMapping.createIn(javaActionCallAction); javaActionParameterMapping.parameter = inputParameterKey; javaActionParameterMapping.parameterValue = inputParameterValue;   Thanks in advance.
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The __ Parameter is not deprecated but not accepted by Typescript. use this


(microflowCallParameterMapping1 as any)["__parameter"].updateWithRawValue