Not able to import JSON data

Hello Experts,   Usecase: I am trying to import 7 lakhs lines of JSON data. In the data, there are some JSON objects which contains the same object. Eg : { "InternalElement" : { "City": "Mumbai", "ID":"PdwQs123", "InternalElement" : { "City": "Berlin", "ID": "ApQdwQs13" } } } This nesting of the same object repeats at least 100 times and varies every time a new JSON file is generated.   If I create a JSON structure and apply import mapping and map automatically, new entities (InternalElement1, InternalElement2, etc)  are created every time instead of creating one entity with self-association. If I create entities and associations and then create a message definition, I run into a problem of infinite nesting. While selecting elements in import mapping, Mendix statically asks us to select the entities and associations but since we don’t know how often the object is repeating, how can we give accurate import mapping? TLDR: How to deal with self-associations in creating import mappings?  
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Have a look at the suggested solution here: – although the op has decided to go an alternative route, the solution looks promising.