SSO logout issue in Azure AD using SAML

Hi All,   LOGIN : I have integrated SSO with Azure AD using SAML and everything seems to be fine no surprises in login.   LOGOUT: But when coming to logout I am redirecting to this URL :$ApplicationURL/p/SSO/  it is logging out successfully but when I click on back arrow in the browser it is taking me inside the application without any log in.  The session is being not yet killed I guess, Kindly help me with this please.   Thanks.
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Hi Arunkumar, 


Check your Azure AD SAML configuration, 

You may have to setup the optional logout url there, so the callback will match your MX SSO SAML (constant @ SAML20.DefaultLogoutPage):

ie →  /SSO/logout – This URL will trigger a single logout  

(the session logout in mendix will only happens when this endpoint is hit. RequestHandler → LogoutHandler )



I hope this helps,

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