How to setup Two-Way-SSL on the Mendixcloud

Hey all,   I'm working on a webservice call which has two-way-SSL enabled (Explainer of two way SSL). When the service turns this back to one way ssl, the connection works fine. When they turn it on, we get a handshake failure. The tech on their end mentioned that the certificate we provide for that second check is 0 bytes. My thought is that Mendix does not understand the request to provide the second SSL certificate and times out somehow.  Does anybody know how to configure two-way-SSL in Mendix (specifically from the Mendixcloud environment).   Hope someone has the winning tip!
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At least I can confirm that it can work on the  Mendix cloud. The problem might be the making of the certificates and the cyphers that are installed on the systems.
On your end you start with making a Certificate Signing Request. You can do that with openSSL. The password should be left empty here. Then you send that one over to the other party and you will get back a certificate. Now you have to create a p12 container. Where it can go wrong here is that you did not specify the certificate chain. When creating the p12 container you do have to give a password. Then upload the .p12 container in your Mendix environment and restart the server. It would be handy if you can do the logging on the other hand because that part is difficult in the Mendix cloud but your logs will already tell you a lot. And Wireshark is a nice tool to hunt for the problems. But that then should be done on the other party side.
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