How to consume Webhook in Mendix?

Hi Reader    In my project we are using Docusign for signing the documents which works asynchronously. It also provides a Webhook to trigger events like Document Signed, Completed, Cancelled, etc. I have tried Kafka to subscribe the webhook, but I am not able to comsume the webhook. Is there any other module present in Mendix through which we can consume Webhooks?  On the receipt of events I have to trigger a microflow to update the status of the process.   Thank you for your time. Tushar Rastogi
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You could set up a Published REST Service in your application to provide an endpoint for the Docusign webhook to call.

It looks like Docusign can send data as JSON when calling your webhook, so you will need to add a JSON Structure and Import Mapping to be able to use the incoming data.

I hope this helps.