Epicor and OmniWin Integrations?

Hi all,   I am working with a partner on a case where their customer has the following painpoints:    EPICOR integrations. They need workflow solution which could integrate with Epicor OmniWin (by MesserSoft) integration. OmniWIN is a CNC thermal cutting machines software.   Would anybody have any input on whether this is possible with Mx?
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Hi Mieke,


As long as there is an API service that can be used to send/receive messages, then you can integrate with MX and automate workflow solutions. EPICOR does offer this.


The following youtube video Accessing the Epicor REST API - YouTube shows that you can access their RESTAPI documentation from a running instance where you have detailed information on what is needed to GET/POST.. between the different exposed services. (I tried to find the stand-alone- documentation online but was unsuccessful). 


I also saw that there are quite a few companies and products that help facilitate the integration with this platform. So, it's definitely possible and profitable :)


You can also look into using an ODATA API service like the one from CDATA (OData Service Epicor ERP: OData Epicor ERP API - CData Software). You can connect to CData following the guidelines from this resource, CData Connect Cloud - Mendix


As for OMNIWIN, I couldn't find anything useful about integrations with other applications. Their FAQ talks a lot about digitalisation, pretty much every question :) so I hope a web service that allows for exchanging of messages is included. I would contact them directly and ask what options they have available for allowing instructions to be received from external applications.