HTTPS POST formating in Microflow

What would be the best way to send an HTTPS POST request? I thought I could use the CALL REST Service but have not been able to get it to work. Returns a 404 error, but I expect that because it is not a REST Service. I also tried the Call Webservice.   In the system integration guide for the system I am trying to access it says “The query string can be sent through HTTPS POST or GET. The Transact Payments application can parse your form input data.” and lists the following as the format to use:  virtual=CheckoutName&  name=value&  name=value   The checkoutname and value(s) are variables in my domain model. 
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Hi Craige !  




These are the parameters of your GET request. And for the location you have to enter the URL ::{1}&name={2}&name={3}         And pass the parameters . I hope I am clear with your issue. Hope it helps . If it does not please let me know.  


PS:- I don't have idea about the values of your params, but, it should be mentioned in your documentation. :)

but it should be entered something like I have shown in the image.


http status code 404 means that under the user URL nothing is found. So I suspect you are using the wrong URL for your request. 


That looks like you are deliberately posting to a 404 handler, are you sure the URL is correct?

Could you share more of the integration guide?


Using the Call REST functionality should work, unless the payment system is expecting a browser to be accessing the system, in which case there could be JavaScript on the page that it expecting to be executed but isn’t.

Another thing to try would be to turn the REST Consume Lognode in Mendix up to TRACE then share the Request and Response to the payment service. That should tell us a bit more about what is going on.

Good luck


Thank you all for your help, it has all been usefull. After going back and forth with the other system admin we have it returning a 302 error so I am confident that things are corrent in the Mendix app. Thanks again, this is a great community.