Integrating a Mendix Application with Webflow

Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate Mendix with Webflow?   As an example – a user would log in through Webflow to a Mendix application and a logged in user would interact with Webflow. Mendix would take care of all the logic in the back end.   This is somewhat of an experiment and I’m aware that even if this integration is possible, that there’s likely to be limitations and disadvantages to this kind of integration. Nevertheless, I’m curious to know if anyone in the Mendix community has done this or something similar and with what degree of success.  
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In webflow logic it is possible to do a http request.

This can be a REST call to a Mendix app. Publish a REST endpoint from the Mendix server.


I read this in the documentation, but I have never implemented it.


I wish Mendix implemented a webflow style of designing/building the front-end of our applications