SAML2.0 module: map multiple application attributes

Hi,   Currently I have an app in production which uses the SAML20 module to integrate with Auth0. The application attribute mapping point towards the value which is passed to our IdP to check if a user exists.   I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully tried to modify the module so that it’s possible  to check on 2 different (related) object values   For example: User to be found in: Admin.Account or MyFirstModule.Users   Attribute user prinicpal stored in: Admin.Account/Email or MyFirstModule.Users/Email   Anyone has experience/suggestions for this?   Thanks    
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I think your problem is not the SAML module but your domain model. If you have an Admin entity and a User entity they both should have a reference to the Administration.Account entity. Then in the SAML module you would only have to use that entity to find the right account and log the user in.