Integrate 2 Mendix project together locally

Hi,   Is it possible to integrate 2 Mendix project which are available only locally ? I have 2 projects on which 2 different teams have worked on, now I want to integrate both this project together as a  one project. Both the teams  have worked on same domain model or same functionality. No main line or branch line available. Is there any workaround for this other than working on separate module and then importing one module into another. Please suggest.   Thanks in advance.
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Does both projects on same mendix version?


Hi Satyam,


Merging two separate projects into will will require manual decisions. Which domain model is leading, which documents (microflows, pages, etc) are leading. Two options here:

  • Choose which project is leading (project 1), than merge manually documents from project 2 into 1.
  • Create new project. Manually decide per entity, document, module which one is the best

After te merge (and commit) the project is open team-development again.


Regards, Thijs