Create Bookmarkable sub urls for different pages within the application using Deeplink

Hi, I’m trying to create sub url’s using Deeplink module by following the documentation steps:   I have followed all the steps like ( 1 ).setting the URL path in the property of that specific page ( 2.)  doing the configuration in deeplink configuration overview page ( 3 ) adding default home page in navigation ( 4 ) adding the start deeplink MF to the startup microflow in run time settings.    After I ran the application and trying to access that specific page :  I’m able to see the URL changed to the URL property specified path, but when I refresh the page or try to trigger the same URL in different tab, the Deeplink handler microflow is not getting executed as I checked by adding debugger point.   My issue: The MF I have configured in deeplink should get executed. I’m looking for any workaround to achieve this by combing SSO which is second part .   Please share your valuable views on this.   Many thanks in advance
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