Facing critical error while integrating withExcel.

After selecting the proper template and matching the proper attributes, While importing my excel file with the template I just created, I am facing a critical error in Mendix. As a result of which it is taking too long to import and It is not working. I understood that I am facing the error in the IVK_ImportTemplateDocument microflow of ExcelImporter Module. What should I do to make it work?  I have also faced another error that is,   What does this error mean?
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Hi there 

              If you wish to check out the procedure just follow what I have done

step1: import module from marketplace. and create a entity based on the excel label/title[eg: firstname,lastname,country]

step2: Navigation the Mx object overview and Excelimport overview.

step3: Select the module entity that you created in Mxobject overview page and refresh the entity [Synchronize all entities and microflows].

step4: Now go to Excelimport overview and create a template, in mendix object select the created entity and click save and generate column. Import action set as synchronize objects. 

step5: arrange the attributes based on column number in excel.

step6: In tab container go to import file page → select the new button  → select created template → and select the excel file [note:it should be in .xlsx(excel workbook) format].

step7: And select the created  one and press import file , now your records are imported.


The noclass found error points to some clashing userlibs. Double check your userlib directory for double JAR files. The likely cullprit would be the org.apache.commons.lang3.jar where you have multiple copies of.