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Hi All, Similar to Pushing Data from an External Source to Mendix, I’m working with a Jotform webhook integration to automatically push the form data into my Mendix app (Fibertrace) upon submission in Jotform.  I’ve set up a REST endpoint, and it sort of/kind of works, but with an error.  I’ve used a POST method to listen for the incoming request from Jotform.  I think (based on my testing with Swagger), that the JSON string comes in the request line.  I’m really not sure but based on “webhook.site”.  Here’s what I’ve got defined for the endpoint and operation (with a parameter):   I’ve seen in the Swagger definition that when I have Body selected that the JSON comes in the Request.  Regardless, I’ve got the JSON string defined and mapped to an entity.  There’s a conversion MF in the mapping, where I’m able to set a breakpoint.  But that still doesn’t give me visibility into what exactly is being returned/and format from Jotform.  I see in Webhook.site, that it says:   I also have my app as a Webhook integration endpoint in the Jotform.  Submitting does reach the breakpoint on the convert, but apparently exits or errors before it reaches the Operations MF (ACT_REG_POST_Register).   Am I waaaay of track in trying to input from an external app (Jotform), or am I missing a more subtle step here?  I appreciate any guidance & help.   Thank you. Keith
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Add a breakpoint on the microflow you trigger when receiving a request. I think the webhook cannot access the IP address When you are testing it on your local machine, must me your firewall(in your Internet router), and you need a NAT or PAT from the firewall to your laptop.


If the address is supposed to be the application in the Mx Cloud, you better use the DNS name you see when publishing the app.


If unclear, we can have a short call.


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