Integrate two apps

Hey there I have two apps the first one is called DataMangment and the second one is Applicant, From the first app i want to set the most selected value for user in the second app , how could i integrated two apps to control of my list of value i used after commit microflow that call rest (post) but i got an confused error is there any resours on doc or academy take me step by step or can any one help
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Hello Mohsin Ali,

Let’s say you have app A which is a server and app B which is a client.

In app A create a get rest service and configure export mapping.
In app B call the rest service and configure import mapping.


If the requirement is not this, then you can use OData.
Publish the OData in app A and consume it in app B.
you can get to know about this in here:


Hope my answer helps.