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Hi Team,  I am Sending a Digest Email to the User –  This should Contain List of Events, Each Event Should be Clickable ( Enable Deeplink ). We Do not have any problem in This Step. However the challenge we are facing is about Configuring the Template with this Data..  how i can Show List of Associated Objects in Email Template ?  In The Screenshot Below I Need to Pass List of Alert Messages.. And Not just 1 Alert Message 
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Hi Rachana,

 If I understood your question correctly, You can create your Html Structure using the microflow, you can add the Href tag and pass your Deeplink there. We have done some thing similar in the past.


In your case, The URL Token will be replaced by the URL. Since we had only one URL we created the HTML structure in a microflow and used a template to Replace the tokens. 
Hope this helps


You should create the list string yourself by retrieving the list and then iterate over this list and store the field you want to show in this string. Then store this string in a field and use that field as token.