SFTP file download

Hi,   I need to accesss a directory using SFTP to be able to download some files in running time with my app. Is there anyway to do this using mendix?
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Hi João,

You have an SFTP module in the store that you can use.

1º Download the module above.

2º Create a page with the administration snippet available in this module and add it to the navigation

3º Run the application and create a configuration object in that page by fill all the fields 

4º Create a microflow to connect with the SFTP using the previous configuration 

5º Double click on the java action and fill all the inputs 

6º Retrieve the list of files 

7º Iterate the list and use the java action called “get File” . To use you need to create and filedocument object.

8º After you get the file you just need to use the download action


I hope it helps! Best Regards,

Ricardo Pereira