issue with the API get method while working with POSTMAN

Hello Everyone, I had a requirement to get the Data from an API based on the POSTMAN where by i have the API document and i am unable to know where the API Location is. when i try to attempt the get method in postman the location i get is  https://{{api_key}}:{{api_password}}@{{store_name}}{{api_version}}/products.json
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Hi Padhi, 


The variables starting with {{ and ending with }} are environment variables. You should create an environment and fill in the variables for these values. To start off you could try to just hardcode the variables in your request. 


You need to know four variables:

- api_key

- api_password
- store_name

- api_version 


The API version is probably in the format like ‘v1’. It is not possible for us to know where you have to get these values tho.