Publish Rest (Get Operations)

I have an URL link containing data mentioned below – now I couldn't retrieve multiple object in single URL, how to set the query to get all the attribute i have attached screenshots. {"country":[{"country_id":"AT","probability":0.064},{"country_id":"DE","probability":0.059},{"country_id":"DK","probability":0.058},{"country_id":"IE","probability":0.051},{"country_id":"AU","probability":0.047}],"name":"michael"}
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Hi Mahesh,


I’m assuming you are trying to call a GET endpoint? An ‘?’ in a URL indicates a search parameter and is not seperated using a ‘/’.

For instance, your URL would look something as follows:


Unless the service is limiting you to a single object (or your requirements), you should be able to pull a list of objects, perhaps check your domain model and your import mapping