REST API: POST Method Error - Authorization: (omitted)

While integrating with World Check One using REST Services in Mendix was successfully able to implement GET Method using two parameters i.e. Authorization and Date. (In Mendix we are converting Authorization parameter using Javascript Action as shown in the image).   However when we try using POST Method it gives Authorization: (omitted) error everytime. Unable to identify what mistake has been done while implementing POST Method when the same Authorization is working in GET Method. Tried both methods in POSTMAN, both methods are working successfully using the same authorization key. Here I have used Export mapping for POST and Import mapping for GET. Request you to please refer below screen shots for any clarification on the REST Services setup. Kindly help to resolve this error.  
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"Authorization: (omitted)” is added to the log file to hide sensitive authorization data like basic auth.


In all our cases where Authorization headers are added and working successfully, REST Consume loglines do not show the bearer for example, but only "Authorization: (omitted)”.