Hello Experts,   I want to integrate HL7integration where I just need to read the HL7 text and parse it then store in DB. I searched for any of the modules available in Mendix Market place but there is no module available.   So, Gone with custom java action and imported the required Jar file still showing some error that there is a problem with version of the JAR file and other issue. For each different input each issue and error.   Kindly let me know the right step and procedure just to read the HL7 text and parse it.    Answers are really much appreciated!
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Hi Arunkumar,

Nice that you are working on a HL7 integration module, please share in the marketplace if you were able to make a working copy!

As you started creating custom Java actions and run into some issues there, could you specify what you did and exactly encouter? (For example, share some code snippets) That helps solving your issue.

For me, HL7 is completely unknown, apparently it's not using REST to integrate with?