Need Help to Use Google Authenticator

Hi,   I am still new using mendix and I do not know a lot of things. But I want to create authenticator using this Google Authenticator I have created the entity and all steps in that module and I got no error. But I confused how to connect this module with my current login page?.   Thank you
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So think this way, each time a new user registers to your mendix app, you need to create a CredentialsObject as per the action given by the module. 

Associate this credential object with a User object or account object.


Now the task is on the login, when the user is successfully enters username, password, you can use this module to have a microflow which can use the authenticator modules “Check Validation Code” action to check the code entered by the user.


I know this is a little long shot but worth a try if you are still working on finding a solution.


Good luck