Apply WS security in published SOAP API

Hello Experts,   I have to expose a SOAP API where I have to enable the username and password WS security while exposing my API. I tried adding the custom authentication and while importing the xsd file I am getting an error as mentioned below.   "The '' element is not supported in this context." at line 5 column 2   Content Present in XSD file : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xs:schema xmlns:xs=""   targetNamespace=""   xmlns=""  > <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse=""> <wsse:UsernameToken> <wsse:Username>Username</wsse:Username> <wsse:Password>Password</wsse:Password> </wsse:UsernameToken> </wsse:Security> </xs:schema>     Kindly let me know what has to be changed,   Answers are really much appreciated!  
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