SAP account creation from the data consumed in Mendix App(Employee).

Hi, Mendix community, So I want to create an SAP account for an employee, from the details that I am consuming through my own employee app database created in Mendix by asking them to fill out details about them in different forms.    So my question is how I can automate the process of creating an SAP account directly using API or Connectors (Odata or BAPI) after an employee provides all their details in my Employee app by filling out the various forms. Whether I should use the connector, especially the (ODATA connector for SAP) or should go for any REST API that SAP provides ( for account creation directly using the REST call from my Mendix App (Employee)? (If there is any API as such in SAP please let me know with its API documentation page)  This is the domain model of my Employee App, where I am consuming new employee data using different forms. Please Guide me on this with any reference or tutorial video because I am new to Mendix and trying to learn Mendix, basically regarding the integration of any third-party apps or websites with Mendix using API and connectors.
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