how to get new version of newly created external object

I am trying to work with mendix connect and have created a very simple setup where one app creates an external object that is defined and exposed in another app. If I create the object and send it, it seems to get a new mendixID, and I am puzzling how to retrieve the newly created object so that I can work with it. More specifically, see picture below: I create a Rental object, which is defined as an external object. I send it for commit in the other app. I then retrieve all rentals. In the debugger, you can see that the NewRental object is not in the RentalList (based on id), but I can ensure it is the top one as I have sorted the list on creation date descending. If I continue working with the NewRental object in my microflow, I cannot update it anymore or create an association to it, as it doesnt exist in the other app. My question is how can I find the newly created object, without relying on mechanisms such as last created, as they are error prone in a setup with multiple users.
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Hi Marien Krouwel,

What is the published key of the Rental entity? If it’s something that the server comes up with, then then consuming app does not recognize the key, so you will see the object in RentalList under a different ID. In that case you should used that object and not $NewRental.