Teamcenter Mendix Integration

Hi All,   I trying to build on my first app on Teamcenter Mendix integration, but I keep on getting HTTP response error. Even I referred this link as well, Webserver : IIS Server TEM Env : ODS and OData services & Framework enabled SSL enabled Environment Tc 12.4 (Thin client is not configured, just AWC only)   Thanks,
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When integrating Mendix with Teamcenter, HTTP response errors can occur due to issues with the

  • Teamcenter OData service,
  • SSL configuration,
  • network settings,
  • CORS, or Mendix setup.

Troubleshoot by verifying configurations, checking logs, testing API calls, and ensuring correct modules and libraries. 


You mention that you’ve installed Teamcenter OData. Are you trying to access Teamcenter through OData or by using the Teamcenter connector? If using the connector, make sure you are using the correct URLs (4 tier URL is not the same as the Active Workspace URL) and, as already mentioned, test your direct access to those URLs