Error on accessing snowflake API

Hi mendix community, I am calling a snowflake API, that works fine with the simple select query but then we don’t get the result in key:value pairs. I tried using object_construct but then I am getting this error : SQL compilation error:\nObject 'some table name' does not exist or not authorized. Could you please suggest how to resolve this one?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Nidhi,

  1. Make sure the user you're using in Mendix has permission to access the table you're trying to query in Snowflake.

  2. When referring to a table, include the schema name, like "schema_name.table_name".

  3. Verify that you're using the correct table name.

  4. If you're using synonyms or aliases, make sure they are set up correctly and authorized.

  5. Check your Mendix data source settings for Snowflake. Confirm that connection details and schema information are accurate.