How to integrate SQL server data in mendix

Hello, My question is I have complete creating my app through mendix but, the problem is am not able to connect mendix to sql server. I have tried sql server configuration in mendix to connect to sql server but it is not showing me the data.   I want sql server data to be displayed in mendix if I run the mendix app. Also, i have tried database connector but unable to do it. Please suggest if you have any idea regarding this.   Thankyou!!!!
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Hi Niharika,


you need this module:

and follow this documentation:


especially the Prerequisites:

The JDBC driver libraries (.jar extension) for the databases you want to connect to must be placed inside the userlib directory of your Mendix application

  • For example, if you want to connect to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL database (jdbc:postgresql://, you need to place the PostgreSQL JDBC driver .jar inside the userlib folder



If the JDBC driver you are looking for is not listed here :


If you intend to connect to SQL Server using integrated security, please be aware that the JDBC driver in the userlib folder needs to match the version supplied with the Mendix Platform (via the runtime/bundles/ folder inside the Mendix installation directory).



Hello Niharika, 

This may help you.