selected values are not populating Bootstrap Multi select dropdown

Hi team, I am trying to use Bootstrap Multi select dropdown widget from the app store. I have two entities with a reference set selector association(Entity_dataset) as show below. I have values in dataset_name which will be shown as options inside the multi select dropdown.      on the page I have  Microflow is return an object of Entity. With in this data view I have added the Bootstrap widget as shown above. In the Microflow I am retrieving the datalist from the Entity object over association as below. On the web page, I can see that values are showing in the dropwdown and can select multiple. But in the microflow, this association is not being set. because of this I am not getting values that user has selected.    I did try to check and validated. I am doing same as mentioned in this link but its not working.  Any one come across such scenarios? If so, please through some light how did you solve the issue. Any help is appreciated.  Regards, Nirmal Kumar  
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